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Millwood Historical Society Intro

Millwood Historical Society

For some, Millwood is the place where we've grown up, or raised our families. Others who are new to the area have moved here to enjoy quiet neighborhoods, convenient shopping, and a small-town atmosphere. For all of us, Millwood is our home town.


steel mill


As a town, Millwood has a long history that predates the town's founding in the late 1920s. We are a diverse community that boasts an historic district on the National Register of Historic Places as well as one of the few remaining "downtown" facades in the metro-Spokane region. We also boast the more rural Grandview Acres neighborhood as well as a number of intact 1950s subdivisions that reflect the family-oriented values of the mid-twentieth century. While some of us would rather not call these 1950s neighborhoods "historic" (heck, we grew up there, so what does that make us?!), when we compare them to newly constructed residential developments, we realize how rare and special each of Millwood's neighborhoods is.


The Millwood Historical Society is a way of honoring our home town, both its past and its present. Its also a way of preserving our small-town atmosphere and quality of life for future families. You don't have to live in an "historic" area to join the MHS; in fact, everyone in Millwood is a member!  That means you!


The focus of the MHS is in three main areas, our "ABC's", if you will:


Archival--establishing a document and photograph archive (housed at the town hall and open to all), and documenting the town's surviving older buildings.
Beautification and Preservation--Downtown beautification, pursuing grants for improvements, signage, etc., supporting Tree USA and town cleanups, promoting the historic business district, having a voice in transportation issues, etc.
Community Education and Awareness--Hosting lectures, house tours, publicizing regional events of interest, networking with other preservation organizations, establishing a community resource via the Millwood Web site.


If you are interested in joining us, please let us know! We welcome new ideas! You can contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


And think of us when cleaning out your attic! For donations of documents and other historical items related to town history, please contact Bobbie Beese at 926-3332 or e-mail us.